Friday, October 5, 2007

Off the Wagon

Okay, I admit it: I caved. I got home last night tired, in a bad mood, and just wanting to sit down and relax with some old friends. So I did it, even though I said I wouldn't. Even though I swore it was over. These people had screwed me over for the last time.

Ironically, the Grey's episode last night was about know, the things we keep doing even though we know they're no good for us? Ahem...yeah.

But I will say, I know I'm a bit biased, what with my addiction and all, but I think last night's episode was better...a bit more reminiscent of Grey's episodes of days past.

Oh well. I got my fix. And next week I'm quitting FOR REAL.*

*even as I type this I know it is in no way true
**Decent as Grey's was, it lacked one thing that Gossip Girl was completely willing and able to give me on Wednesday night: an a cappella version of Fergie's "Glamorous Life." Absolutely phenomenal.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gwyneth Paltrow Will Eat Her Way Through Spain?

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow Will Eat Her Way Through Spain. Okay. I guess I have no real problem with this. I mean, I like it when celebrities take on huge gastronomical endeavors as much as the next person. I guess it just seems a bit odd. I mean, this is Gwyneth "Macro (or was it Micro)biotic" Paltrow. Gwyneth "Yes, My Kids Can Have a Sugary Birthday Cake if They Really Want It; It Just Means I'll Love Them Less*" Paltrow.

True, she seems to have lightened up quite a bit in her still relatively new married-with-kids lifestyle. But she's still just so...proper. Not that there isn't a place for proper, beautiful, cultured women in the world of food. Giada and Nigella come to mind, of course. I guess I can just think of a lot of other celebrities that I'd rather watch eat their way through Spain, if only for pure entertainment value.

Top Five Celebrities I'd Like To See Eat Their Way Through Spain

5. Jessica Simpson. She complained so much about food during Newlyweds when Nick took her anywhere but Tony Roma's. I'd like to see her reaction to a big plate of fried squid.

4. Cameron Diaz. To find out if she's really telling the truth when she talks about what a big appetite she has. I mean, her mouth is certainly big enough for it.

3. Drew Barrymore. Because I think she'd actually eat the food, and actually like it. And compare it to flowers, or butterflies making love in a forest.

2. Penelope Cruz. Sexy and Spanish.

1. America Ferrera. Because you could call it "America eats Spain."

*I can't find a link to this, but does anyone else remember this interview? I remember it because she called the birthday cakes "fairy cakes," which I thought was hilarious. Oh well. It was a while back.

It's Not Personal, It's Business

I know this was a few days ago, but I forgot to mention how completely BADASS it was when Elodie just blatantly screwed over Heidi on the latest episode of The Hills. Talk about a symbolic bitch slap. There was some major fist pumping going on from my spot on the couch. It was a proud moment in Hills-tory.

Another Hills note: does anyone else wonder what happens when they cut away from the scene right as Heidi and Spencer begin to talk about why he hasn't told his parents about their engagement? It's happened three times's not like the producers of the show to avoid a major fight, so what the hell is that about?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Beyonce has had to cancel tour dates in Malaysia due to the country's strict body exposure policies. But I'm wondering if it had less to do with her sexy dance moves and more to do with this picture.

Everyone knows Malaysia is nothing if not a nation against robots. Bastards.
Can you imagine dancing in that thing?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun distraction...

What a completely ridiculous way to avoid writing a paper about Yeats and subversion.'s addictive. Beat my high score of 24, and I'll give you a kiss.